The strict requirements of titanium tubing

The great thing about metal tubes is that it’s possible to alter them in order to fulfil specific requirements. Situated in the West Midlands, we provide first class tube reduction, as well as a host of other services, to our clients. Having worked on behalf of businesses in different sectors and with a myriad of tubing materials, our skill set is highly versatile to say the least.

Thin wall welded tubes comprised of titanium are used considerably as heat transfer utensils within desalination plants, power plant condensers, and for other chemical equipment too. Due to the fact that this substance possesses outstanding seawater related corrosion resistance properties, titanium tubes are now widely recognised as indispensable parts of structures that are positioned along sea coasts.

Typically, tubing that has been welded is created via a conventional roll forming operation. This process is generally reserved for materials like stainless steel, but hardships occurred when attempting to apply it to the development of titanium tubes.

Very strict requirements exist for both welded products and the titanium itself, hence the difficulties. The weld bed must be excellent, in terms of both surface smoothness and shape, since welded titanium tubes are utilised in as-welded states without repairing by post-weld drawing or bead hammering.

Any titanium tube that is installed in a nuclear power and chemical processing plants cannot harbour any defects. To manufacture a tube that meets the required quality criteria, enhancements of technology for both welding and roll forming have been necessary. For roll forming, stable operations were made possible by optimising a roll flower design to accommodate the titanium’s high springback characteristics.

At Multiform Tubes titanium is one of the numerous tubing materials that we work with. A brilliant alternative to steel, both the metal and its alloys provide tensile strength that is close to that of steel’s. Thanks to their low density, the material is ideal when weight is a concern.

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