Brass tubing’s three main qualities

Multiform Tubes Engineering Ltd is an expert in supplying specialist tubing services like tube swaging. The work we do has proven to be integral for clients in a multitude of industries. Because of this, we have become one of the leaders in our field and a go-to partner. Using our skills, we can help to create items such as furniture components, barriers, and more.

There are numerous kinds of metals on the market. Brass and its alloys are some of the most popular. Due to the characteristics, brasses are great for use in countless industries. Examples include fashion, arts, machinery, and plumbing. There are separate forms of brass too, with tubing being among them. In tubular form, it is excellent for water supplies and cooling tubes.

What we are going to do in this post is go over brass tubing’s three biggest qualities so you know why so many users choose it.


Tube swagingTo begin with, it is durable. Because of the durability on offer, brass tubing is able to provide service for years. In reality, it is able to endure for as long as the building can. Sometimes, it can last even longer.

Given its composition, brass and its alloys don’t easily corrode. Additionally, they possess resistance to pressure and heat. This makes the materials appropriate for a wide array of working environments. Let us know if you need our tube swaging services.


The second biggest quality of brass tubing is that it is adaptive. It has a great combination of characteristics that make it strong yet flexible. As a result, it can outperform many other materials.

For example, it supplies stiffness but you can bend it. This is a feature not all metal tubes come with. Considering that, brass has the ability to handle vibration, shock, and impact too.

Another sign that brass is flexible and adaptive is its capacity to withstand high and low temperatures. Even if the environment experiences major temperature changes, the metal can put up with them. This makes it a wonderful choice for HVAC systems.

Environmentally friendly

The third and final main benefit of brass tubing is that it is environmentally friendly. It does not pose a threat to the environment. More notable though, you can recycle it over and over without losing the physical or chemical properties. It also requires far less energy to reprocess than many other metals, including steel.

In addition, the brass can aid in safeguarding water when you use it in tubing form. The reason for this is that you cannot easily penetrate the metal. Ultraviolet radiation, viruses, grease, and fluids won’t have the ability to pass through. It will therefore preserve the fluid and keep it safe to use.

Tube swaging for many different metals

The tubes our team work with are made using a plethora of materials. In addition to brass, we have experience with copper, aluminium, and titanium. Also, we can work with a collection of different steels. This includes mild, stainless, hydraulic, and food grade.

Situated in the West Midlands, Multiform Tubes Engineering Ltd has a strong reputation for offering stellar services. When you need tubing, you can rely on us. A team member will talk to you about your specifications. Then we will make sure you get exactly what you require.

We use tube swaging because it is a technique with many benefits. To give an example, there are short cycle times. Because this is the case, clients will receive orders rapidly and efficiently. Moreover, we strive to deliver smooth finishes. Plus, there is no material loss and we get tight tolerances.

So, if you would like to work with us, please get in touch.