An overview of titanium’s key grades

We are a specialist tubing company from the West Midlands. Our job is to provide tubes that meet the exact requirements of clients in various industries. To do it, we use a series of techniques so we can alter the sections. This includes tube drilling and various others. Whatever you need, we will provide it efficiently and for a great price.

Tube drillingTitanium is one of the materials we deal with in our tubing work. Like steel, it comes in a variety of grades as well. To choose the right ones for your needs, you must understand them more thoroughly. In this post, we will discuss some of the key grades that are available. We are focusing on the main ones because there are dozens of different options. We will talk about the industry applications, properties, and benefits of them.

Grade 1

This particular grade is one of the most ductile and it also has excellent formability. It is mainly employed in the chemical and marine industries. Here, your components often have to deal with extremely harsh conditions. Luckily, titanium has excellent corrosion resistance. It is widely available as tubing and plate to suit many needs.

Grade 2

One of the big selling points here is it has a lower density. As a result, where weight can be an issue it is highly attractive. Two primary markets for grade 2 are aerospace and medical. The corrosion resistance and strength also make it very appropriate for other applications. This includes desalination, chemical processing, and marine use.

Grade 3

This titanium is stronger than both grades 1 and 2. It finds its uses in industrial and aerospace applications. These are ones that have moderate strength requirements. The grade also has wonderful corrosions resistance attributes. Specific applications include processing of hydro carbon and power generation.

Grade 4

Now, we come to the highest of the four grades of commercially pure titanium. In the past few years it has become the go to medical grade. However, it is useful for a list of other industrial applications too, such as maritime use and chemical processing. It is great in applications where you need high strength.

Grade 5

The final titanium we will mention is the most common alloy and is also the most commercially available grade. It offers users an excellent mix of durability and high strength. As far as welding and manufacturing goes, it is a material you can’t go wrong with.

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