Can You Bend Brass Tubes?

Brass pipes are used for a wide range of purposes. It would be fair to say, however, that most would associate them with use in plumbing systems. The qualities the material make it the most ideal metal to use for carrying and distributing water in terms of both costs and safety. Whilst the benefits are impressive, one of the down sides to using brass tubes in plumbing systems is that the general advice is to not manipulate or bend them. This is a problem that we can assist you with.

In order to understand why this metal is most commonly used in plumbing work you need to look at the composition of it. Normally it would be “red brass” pipe used in such a system, with the metal being an alloy which is 85% copper and 15% zinc. As this composition features no substances which pose a threat it is considered safe to use it to carry water intended for human consumption. It is also the case that the water used in the UK contains no elements that would cause these pipes to corrode or rust – something that would happen if you were to use steel ones.

The main problem faced with using brass pipes for plumbing systems is that normally the tubing needs to curve or bend in order to correctly fit in with an installation. Many argue that brass tubing cannot be bent or otherwise manipulated, as the weaker nature of it means that it is prone to developing kinks or knots which would disrupt the flow. As cutting and using joints leaves a plumbing network prone to problems such as leaks, we provide tube bending services that work.

Our extensive experience in the industry has shown that brass tube bending is difficult but not impossible. In order to achieve it with a low tolerance threshold and with no damage to the tubing one needs to combine traditional skill with professional equipment. This is the exact kind of service we are famous throughout the country for delivering. Just as is the case with any form of metal tubing, we can carry out our bending services on brass tubes accurately and professionally.