Can Reclamation Tubing Be Bent Or Manipulated?

In this present day and age there is a significant focus on all of us being as environmentally friendly as possible. We all know that our activities have caused harm to the planet and that it’s important that we do what we can to redress this and do no further damage. Whilst it’s not always possible to achieve this perfectly, we all must do what we can to reduce, reuse and recycle the resources we need. This is something which is just as true of the steel and metal tube industry as it is any other sector of our economy.

As part of the above, many companies look to use reclamation tubes for their construction and manufacturing projects. Making use of existing materials is, overall, better for the environment than commissioning the manufacture of new items. It can also serve to keep the costs of a project to a lower, under budget level. One of the concerns businesses have about this approach is around whether or not reclamation materials are of a condition and quality which would stand up to work such as our tube bending. This is a perfectly reasonable question, but it is one which – sadly – does not have a straightforward answer.

We usually find that reclamation tubing is of a standard which allows it to be bent or manipulated to the requirements needed. It must be stressed that this is a general view, and is dependent on various factors – in particular the assumption that no previous bending or manipulation work has been carried out on it. The best approach to take, we believe, is to get a qualified opinion on the qualities of the tubing before you commit to using it.

The approach we take with our services is to always work in your best interests. It would be of no benefit to you or to us if we were to start manipulating your tubes and only then find out that they couldn’t do what you needed them to. Our team of professionals will evaluate your tubing and advise you, honestly and transparently, if it is suitable for the job or project you require it for. We are skilled at many different types of manipulation so you can rely on us for tube swaging, reduction, expansion, or bending.