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We have a name and reputation firmly established as the leaders in tube bending and tube manipulation. So, it is of little surprise that we have come to be regarded further as the leading service providers for tube ring rolling. Maybe you need the overall diameter of a metal ring expanded. Or, you could need tubing manipulated into a perfect circle to meet your manufacturing requirements. Whatever the case, we have the capabilities and skills to ensure the most professional work possible is carried out.

Take care with tube ring rolling

Tube manipulationWhen it comes to addressing any requirement for ring rolling or tube section bending and manipulation, there are numerous considerations which must be taken into account. The priority of course is to always meet the requirements as precisely as possible. This covers specifications including the size, dimensions and diameter of the pipes or metal rings. To make sure this happens, one must be mindful of the qualities of the metal you’re working with. All forms of metal present their own challenges. Anyone working with them needs to fully understand and appreciate these in order to ensure the right result. This expertise is what we deliver. We are adept at working with all forms of metals. Our team has extensive experience in bending, manipulating and altering tubes. We are able to meet a wide range of requirements.

One of the key advantages of metal rings produced by ring rolling is that they are seamless. This allows for a smooth, streamlined use of the rings. It ensures that the rings have a unilateral level of structural strength. This quality is important when it sees use in equipment where precision is of the utmost importance. Industrial machinery and aviation technology are two areas in which this is a vital requirement. When the diameter size of these rings needs to be altered it is, then, of understandable importance that the quality of structural strength is not undermined. The process and techniques we use at Multiform make sure that no discernible weakness affects the metal when we conduct ring rolling work.

We put a lot of care into our tube manipulation

Taking tubing and manipulating them into perfect circles can be for decorative purposes or for practical application. Regardless, our techniques ensure that we perform this with the same level of precision. This kind of tube manipulation is usually to help meet the design requirements of things such as furniture and banisters. But, it can also be used to deliver the parts required for processing and manufacturing. Heat exchangers, distilleries and gas powered systems are all examples. Here, ring rolling can deliver the kind of manipulated tube needed to ensure equipment works as intended.

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