Manipulating and bending tubes to the highest degree of accuracy

Metal forming is the process of fashioning metal objects through transformation. It incorporates reshaping without the deletion or addition of materials. One element of the process is tube manipulation. We at Multiform specialise in this particular branch of the metal forming industry. We are a professional team that is proficient in every aspect of the sector. This is due to our skills, experience and use of the finest machinery available for the purposes of manipulation. Our name has simply come to represent the guaranteed delivery of superior and trustworthy tube bending services at affordable prices.

Tube manipulationPremier tube manipulation services

There are many areas of the manufacturing industry that regularly require our superior manipulation services. They range from the automotive, heating and construction sector to transport, shop fittings and medical. The beauty of tube manipulation is that the tubes we create are perfect for all manner of domestic as well as commercial applications. Due to the diversity of the extensive range of sectors we serve we have to be able to supply tubes in a range of materials. We can ensure the highest levels of strength, durability and longevity. The selection of materials we use includes copper, brass, steel and aluminium. There is no tube reduction, expansion or manipulation task that we cannot undertake. We dedicate ourselves to delivering the best results possible.

Industry demands a constant focus on maximum levels of production. We can supply every aspect of manipulation from bending, beading and reduction to expansion and drilling. Our drilling service is unequivocally guaranteed to save you valuable time. This is as well as the frustration of attempting to produce precise results. Our tube drilling is designed to expertly and competently provide a proficient cut. We implement the use of specialist clamps. These ensure complete immobility during the drilling process. The huge benefits of holes that have been previously drilled are swift and simple assembly. As well as this is the luxury of conserving your time and money. All our work is carried out by skilled experts. They have vast experience at producing the cleanest and most precise holes.

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Metal tubes offer the advantage of versatility. This means that our capabilities are endless. We can successfully manipulate all manner of sizes as well as shapes of tubes. This includes those such as square, round and oval. Our service includes welded fabrication. As a result, we can work with structural components to meet many specific requirements. We do everything we can to deliver a bespoke service. Our stellar abilities have earned us our excellent reputation as well as an extensive client base. People consistently depends on us to provide the finest standards of tube manipulation, reduction, and expansion available.