Carrying out precise expansion

Tube expansion can be used to finish tubes and ensure the inner diameter is the right dimensions. The process can be employed effectively to help ensure joints are strong and sturdy, reducing the risk of leaks. It takes care and precision to expand tubing without affecting the external diameter and the shape. The task should only be done by experienced manufacturers who can monitor tolerances and ensure the expansion is done correctly.

In order to compress the wall thickness, a die is inserted into the end of the tubing. Dies are either fixed or hydraulic depending on the specifications. Fixed dies offer benefits in that a single die can be used repeatedly to expand tubes by a set measurement. These are used on stock tubes and for standard requirements.

Hydraulic expanding dies are more versatile than fixed ones, as they are segmented and the small sections can open to different diameters. This means they can be used on a wider array of projects and allow people to set very specific requirements for each expansion.

When it comes to expanding tubing, the most important thing to keep in mind is the type of material the tube is made from. Metals have different hardnesses and some are more difficult to adapt than others. Stainless steel can be particularly tricky to work with because it becomes harder the more it is worked. This means that the act of rolling the tube actually makes the expansion tougher.

When the hardness of the material is identified, we can work out how much effort will be needed to complete the expansion. Force needs to be applied carefully to the inner diameter of the tube to adjust the wall thickness. Using too much too quickly will cause warping of the external diameter and ruin the product.

At Multiform Tubes we are highly accomplished at tube ring rolling, bending, reduction, expansion and every other form of tube manipulation. We regularly satisfy a vast array of requirements for our clients from many sectors, including providing both stock and bespoke tubing. Clients call on us because they know we are committed to maximising quality and providing the best products. If you would like to learn more about expanding tubing or want to order tubes please contact us.