Vital components for the medical sector

For the most part, our tube bending services are associated with the construction and manufacturing industries. While the work we do in this regard is of great importance, there is another sector by which we are regularly engaged – the medical field. There are a number of areas in the world of medical treatment and assistance where our services play a vital role.

The most visible areas where our work can be seen is in the equipment used in medical treatments, such as examination beds, wheelchairs and walking frames. Certain procedural equipment used in medical treatment also requires our tube manipulation expertise. We are able to work with a huge range of different sizes and diameters, producing the required tubes for many types of equipment. This versatility is the reason why we are trusted by a diverse client base across the country.

Stainless steel is the most common material for the metal tubes used in the medical sector, and very specific grades are required. The two most frequently used grades are 316, which offers strength and a high resistance to corrosion, and the 420 / 440 grades, which are more commonly referred to as cutlery grade steel. These two are used because they offer a very high level of resistance to corrosion, which means that they can be relied upon to stay safe when used for medical purposes. They also offer the lowest possible risk of toxicity, which means they can be used without concerns of causing a reaction with a patient.

To successfully manipulate medical grade surgical steel tubes, it is important that their essential qualities are not compromised in any way. This is why our tube bending and tube manipulation services are preferred to other forms of fabrication and construction. We understand exactly how to cut and bend steel tubes into the needed shapes and configurations, while ensuring that the purity and strength of the stainless steel are maintained.