Challenges faced during tube fabrication

When it comes to tube manipulation, no one rises to the challenge more than we do. Specialising in an array of effective techniques, we have the potential to meet many unique customer specifications. Applicable to a multitude of sectors, our tubing is a highly versatile option that should not be ignored.

Tube mill workers, supervisors and quality managers encounter a myriad of obstacles on a daily basis. Said obstacles are able to hamper their attempts to manufacture top calibre tubing products. As the saying goes “rubbish in, rubbish out” and this same saying rings true for tube fabricators such as us too.

One of the most typical conditions that influences the wall thickness and sizing after scarfing is the strip edges making their way into the welding space in a non-parallel movement. This act creates a step inconsistency, which itself leads to crooked sizing downstream past the sizing area.

While locating the principal cause is somewhat arduous at times, two causes in particular are most likely to be the culprits. The first is an incorrect set up within the breakdown, fin and forming sections to guarantee adequate presentation to the welding area.

Culprit number two is strip rolling in the breakdown location, which has a chance of leading the strip to ride rather high on one of the tube’s parts. This high riding can also be attributed to negative tension in the tube mill during certain instances. The back pressure results in the substance buckling and seeing as how the energy has to be liberated, the material follows the trail that has the least amount of resistance, up the forming roller’s side.

At Multiform Tubes, our expertise in the field of tube manipulation enables us to provide the absolute best of results to customers. Making use of advanced equipment, the work that we conduct is done so in an accurate and systematic manner, with the final product hopefully being one you can be proud of. If you believe that our services could benefit you, feel free to contact us.