Tubes and pipes aren’t as interchangeable as you think

Tube manufacturing is what we do best here at Multiform Tubes, having produced some top quality merchandise for our clients over the years. To help our partners in meeting their requirements, we alter the tubes in ways that enable them to carry out their intended task perfectly. Using the likes of tube reduction, as well as numerous other methods, we aim to develop tubing that is truly unique to you.

Chances are that you’ve heard tube and pipe being used interchangeably, and that you are unsure as to what the differences here are precisely. The majority of individuals, even some of the experts who work in related industries, aren’t too certain themselves. It’s hard to see how separate two cylinders can get and many people don’t even care enough to go and look. In truth however, there are characteristics that divide the two and make them distinctive.

Tubing is most commonly utilised for structural applications and the OD is a critical and precise number. Sizes are designated by the wall thickness and OD, and the stated and measured OD are typically within extremely near tolerances of one another. Thanks to narrower manufacturing tolerances, tube tends to cost more than pipes.

Pipe products are categorised as being tubular vessels that are employed in piping systems and pipelines, usually to transport fluids or gas substances. Schedule (wall thickness) and Nominal Pipe Size (NPS) are what specify them. The making of NPS’s from 1/8″ to 12″ is based upon a standardised nominal outer diameter, or OD, which differs from measured OD. Those sizes that begin from 14″ possess measured OD’, which correspond to the nominal size.

At Multiform Tubes, the tubing that we have manufactured has found use in an extensive collection of industries, such as automotive, fabrication, furniture, and even medical. Furthermore, they are crafted in a myriad of materials, each of which is able to offer its own remarkable specification of aesthetics, strength and durability.

If you require our products for your own purposes and would like to talk things over with us, please feel free to get in touch with us. We can discuss everything about our service, including tube reduction and other processes we use to adapt the tubes to suit different specifications.