Treat brass as you would any other ornament

As specialists when it comes to tube bending services, we make use of numerous methods in order to meet our client’s specifications. Be it for railings, chair frames, barriers or even shop fittings, our tubing is appropriate for all sorts of unique applications. Using up to date machinery, which is operated by some of the most highly trained individuals in the country, we strive to deliver products that you can be proud of.

Designated as Copper Alloy 356 by international standards, brass is a material that is recognised by many industries, including our own, for its versatile nature. It’s made up of around 62% copper, 36% zinc and minor levels of lead. Dissimilar to other substances, brass comes in a rich brown colouring, making it an exceptional choice for an array of decorative objects.

Aside from flat sheeting, brass also comes in the form of tubing. Including a variety of lengths, wall thicknesses and diameters, this type of tube is typically found in a plethora of fabrication and interior design projects. Furniture, as well as a slew of applications, can have new life breathed into them when brass tubes are incorporated as decorative trims.

Due to its softness brass needs to be handled very carefully when the tubes are being bent. Use too much pressure and the end result could be a flat section, incorrect wall thickness, or the walls collapsing altogether. It is possible to do a DIY bend but it is always advisable to call on professionals if you want a high quality result.

At Multiform Tubes our services can be used in tandem with a host of other substances besides brass, including titanium, steel and aluminium. Able to bend tubes with outstanding accuracy, our team give nothing less that their best effort when working on a project. That is why we are one of the market leaders in tube bending services in the UK.

We’re always willing to offer guidance and advice, so call us if there is anything that you don’t quite comprehend.