The most common places to find steel tubing

As experts in the field of steel tubing, it’s only right that we are well versed in the various techniques required to alter them. With a wide array of skills like these, we are able to satisfy a massive number of customer requirements, all of which are met to a great standard. No matter what you ask of us, be it bending, tube reduction or anything else, we will go the distance to ensure that your requests are fulfilled.

All you need do is look around you and one can find steel tubes within a matter of seconds. Thanks to their high strength and extremely versatile nature, they are useful for countless applications, some of which are witnessed each day, even though you may not know it. Industrial mechanisms for example utilise these materials in their manufacturing processes. They can be used for guidance purposes, transportation or as part of the internal workings.

Steel tubing can be finished in a number of ways to create parts that don’t corrode or rust. This includes galvanisation, protective zinc or chrome coatings, and painting. On top of this alloys of the material are available such as stainless steel that has a much higher resistance to corrosion.

All of the above makes steel tubes ideal for various vehicles. They can be found in the transmission, brake systems, body and the engine of various road-going vehicles. Specifically speaking, boats make use of them to add a level of buoyancy to metal models and as a means of storage for such substances as diesel and gasoline.

Tubing is also excellent for transporting gas and oil from place to place. These objects are far more reliable for use with such dangerous chemicals because the metal won’t break down. Lighter plastic materials have a habit of doing. To help lower the disaster risks, a plethora of gas stations and flues, and oil lines all get their fair share of usage out of these tubes.

At Multiform we have the means to produce tubes that are perfect for their intended purpose. By using such methods as tube reduction we can transform various aspects of the tubing to develop something that suits your needs. We deliver great accuracy with each product, ensuring it is perfect for your application.

If you require special tubing for your own unique goals, be sure to let us know.