Why engineered tubes are preferred for fuel systems

Manipulating tubes in order to satisfy customer specifications is our area of expertise, having always produced the best results possible for their benefit. Utilising numerous methods, with tube expansion being a prime example, we manufacture tubing in such a way that it can complete its intended task without fail. Useful for both the commercial and domestic sectors, our tubes are some of the most versatile products out there.

For those wondering what engineered stainless steel tubing has to do with a natural gas vehicle, the answer is that it’s one of the most critical aspects of the fuel system. This form of tubing is developed specifically to hold varying and tighter tolerances than other types of tubes.

The lowered hardness one finds with engineered tubes permits them to be formed more easily. This allows for greater fitting tightness when used in conjunction with compression fittings that possess a higher hardness level. On top of this end forming on O-Ring Face Seal applications becomes simpler, and, most importantly, bending is also none too great a task.

If you are working with a natural gas fuel set up that carries fuel from the cylinder to your engine via a high-pressure system and is regularly exposed to debris, moisture and salt for years, engineered tubing will help in preventing leakages. It will also aid you in improving the overall safety.

The sole reason why people select natural gas is to save on costs and leaks can cost you big. In addition, having to replace tubes of a lesser quality on a regular basis is also an expensive undertaking.

At Multiform Tubes we alter tubes in ways that match with our client’s requirements. Whether it’s general manipulation or something more specific like our tube expansion services, there’s always a solution here at the company. If our work on tubes piques your interest and you’d like additional information, please don’t hesitate to contact us.