Comparing 3003, 6061, and 1100 aluminium

We are a specialist company that focuses on altering tubes to meet our clients’ requirements. To make the tubing more suitable for each use, we use techniques like bending and swaging to change the original shape. We can then offer finishing options like tube drilling. Since we have years of experience doing this, we can modify the utensils to your precise specifications. You won’t find a better service for your money than our own.

Tube DrillingAluminium is one of the materials we often work with. However, there isn’t just one type. As such, people have to ask themselves what grade they should use for their projects. There are various choices, each with their own benefits. What we are going to do in this post is discuss the differences between three particular grades. These are 3003, 6061, and 1100 aluminium. The grade you select here shall determine your price point and end-use.

3003 aluminium

This grade is aluminium with an introduction of manganese to augment its strength. Being an alloy, it nominally has 98.6% Al, 0.12% Cu, and 1.2% Mn. It is a readily weldable variant, and doesn’t have that much cost per pound. You can use it in the majority of applications, but it lacks the corrosion resistance 1100 and 6061 possess. Yet, it is an economical alternative to these grades for certain purposes.

6061 aluminium

This is referred to as “The Workhorse Aluminium”. It has much superior corrosion resistance to the 3000 series of alloys. Other advantages include the high heat welding characteristics and its strength, especially if you compare to the same thickness of 2000 series alloys. You are able to use this grade for items that experience a high degree of wear and tear. Also, thanks to the higher strength, it is the leading option for applications with high humidity levels as it has better corrosion resistance.

1100 aluminium

Finally, we have the purest form of aluminium that is commercially available. It has 99% min purity. This results in outstanding ductility and workability. As a result, it is an excellent pick for difficult forming projects. The metal might not harden when heated or worked like other ones do. Yet, the weldability and corrosion resistance make it highly versatile. Not to mention, the high thermal conductivity provides it with an advantage in applications that require it.

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