Comparing round and square brass tubing

If you are in need of a tube manipulation service that can meet all of your requirements, we can help. Our team has years of experience in this area. No matter what your circumstances are, we will be able to offer you a solution. Even better, we can work with a wide variety of tubing materials and styles.

A versatile and strong tube

You can’t deny the strength and versatility of brass tubing. The debate surrounding these tubes is not whether you should use them. Instead, it is usually which shape is more suitable for the task. There is a lot of choice, including standard square and round shapes in various diameters. However, you can also opt for a bespoke design for different applications.

As far as round and square brass tubes go, countless people debate on which is superior. What we are going to do is compare both. This may help you to decide which is best for you.

Round tube

Tube manipulationThese tubes are usually chosen for architectural and practical jobs. For one thing they can move fluids and gases in a timely and efficient manner. Round tubes are incredibly rigid and strong too. The tube’s strength gets evenly distributed in all directions. Because of this, they have more structural integrity than square ones.

The distribution of metal and strength is pretty even in round tubes. Due to this fact, control during bending and distortion is simple to manage. This makes the cutting accurate during the resizing of tube.

Additionally, round tubing is easier to weld thanks to the shape. This offers many benefits for different products and also means it is possible to do welding in-situ.

Lastly, there is the fact that round tubes are 20% lighter if you compare to square ones. As such, they are easier to transport.

How do square models hold up?

Next, we will talk about square brass tubes. Initially, it might appear that there isn’t any use for them. This is because round models are already highly advantageous. Before writing them off as useless, you should look at the benefits of using them.

Square tubing is great for interior decorating jobs. You use them in furniture and fixtures to add stability, durability, and colour.

The square tube is also incredibly durable. Saying this, it has its weak areas. It is not able to hold as much weight as the round tube can. It can’t move liquid quickly either. However, it is incredibly easy to cut. The greatest use of square tubing is for sharp corners where round tube is unable to fit.

First class tube manipulation work

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