Steel tube bending’s most important details

Our tube bending services are appropriate for a myriad of projects. That is why they are so popular. There is also the fact that our team can provide top results every time. We will work closely with you to ensure that we understand your specifications. After that, we will be able to offer you the stellar tubing you are seeking.

Tube bending is one of the most practical forming procedures in manufacturing. In truth, many consider it to be the primary operation for producing steel tubing that will form part of a system or part of a product. When you use it, there are several details they need to think about. We will take a closer look at them below.

Yield strength

One of the most important properties here is yield strength. The machinery you use needs to have the ability to carry out the bend. The necessary force relies mainly on the variety of steel and its yield strength. Bend radius is also significant. Suppliers tend to offer recommendations for the minimum obtainable radius. This is without undermining the tube’s integrity.

Wall thickness

This is also significant. During tube bending, the thickness alters the outer and inner walls of your bend. The interior wall ends up thicker while the outside wall becomes thinner. There are machines capable of supporting you to prevent issues with the cross section. An example would be the wrinkles of the interior wall. Contact us if you require the greatest tube bending services.

A popular metal

Tube bending servicesAs for steel tube bending specifically, this metal is actually one of the most popular for use in this process. Businesses often use stainless and carbon varieties. The latter are well known because of their formability and strength. They are also cheaper. This makes carbon steel an excellent choice when there aren’t any particular requirements. Examples include demanding operation conditions and high risk of corrosion.

Thanks to the characteristics we spoke of above, carbon steel tubes have uses in all kinds of projects. Good examples would be light gauge products and electrical conduits. There are also sprinklers, machinery, and conveying low-pressure fluids.

As for stainless steel tubes, these come in handy in places where you expect to encounter corrosion. The steels can offer outstanding resistance to it. Examples include environments with high moisture and the presence of corroding elements like oxygen and certain chemicals.

When it comes to bending stainless steel tubing, it is essential that you remember one thing; certain steels demand as much as 50% more bending power when you compare to carbon steel. As a result, you will have to set your machinery accordingly.

We work with numerous materials when we offer tube bending services

At Multiform Tubes Engineering Ltd, we use our knowledge of tube bending to provide clients with top tier items. We are able to work with a wide variety of materials. In addition to steel, we can bend brass, copper, titanium, and even hydraulic tube. Consequently, we can create a great deal of different products for clients.

So, if you would like to use our tube bending services, feel free to contact us. You can talk to us about your needs and even come to us if you are having issues with design features like bend radii.