Connecting aluminium tubes

We are a business that excels in the tubing industry for many reasons. The most notable one is that we deliver the finest services and products. More importantly, we can offer a very broad range of solutions. Tube expansion is one area in particular where we can achieve great results. As the name implies, we use several techniques in an effort to expand the tubing.

Tube connections

Tube expansionOne reason why you need the tube’s end to be just right is so you can connect it to other tubes. This is something people need for a variety of applications. Luckily, it is a task we can help with. Our team have the skills to work with tubing made from a variety of metals. As a result we can adapt the service to deliver the best results every time.

Aluminium tubes are popular for a huge number of applications. People tend to prefer them because of the metal’s versatile nature. The tube will also have distinct attributes such as a low weight and high corrosion resistance. If you have chosen this tubing yourself, you might want to know how to join your tubes. We are going to look at some of the options below.

Using connectors

An efficient way of connecting aluminium tubing is to use tube connectors. A connector works by having plugs that fit securely into the ends of two pieces of tubing or more. When you link the sections to the connector, it creates a joint.

There are lots of different styles of connectors. This includes options ranging from one-way to six-way. That means there are solutions for connecting several sections of tube. In addition, there are specific choices like straight, corner, and hinge products.

Opting for tube expansion

While tube connectors can be a good option, they may not be the best choice for every application. In some cases it will be better to adapt the ends of the tubing itself. This can allow pieces of tubes to fit together without any additional components. Precise services can create tight joints so they are a great option.

At Multiform Tubes Ltd, we have a huge amount of experience with joining tubing. Clients from a huge array of industries have come to us for help with this. As a result we have taken on projects like expanding and reducing tube for use in pipelines, shop fittings, handrails, and more. We can suggest the best solutions for each client.

So, if you would like to try tube expansion or any other kind of service to adapt tubing, get in touch with us today. We can work with lots of metals and different shapes and sizes of tubes. That makes us the most versatile expert in our field.