Should I choose tube joints or coupling?

Finding the right solution for joining sections of tubing together can be tricky. There are a number of options and you may struggle to decide which is best for you. However, in each case you need to think about what you need. This will help you to choose a suitable method. As one of the leading providers of tube reduction in the UK, we know why this is often one of the best methods.

Tube coupling

One of the options you may come across, especially if you are dealing with pipes, is coupling. This is a technique that uses a short section of pipe or tube to join two other pieces together. It is a method that is common in plumbing, especially for repairs.

There are lots of options for tube coupling. For example you can find both permanent and removable couples. There are also different types like full, half, compression, and slip coupling.

One of the interesting things about coupling is it can help to join two pipes that are different sizes. It can make joining them quite straightforward as a single couple could have suitable openings to accommodate both pieces of tube.

Tube joints

Tube reductionA second option is to adapt the tube ends themselves to create joints. This can be a great method, especially if you work with a skilful team that can adapt the tubes with precision to create a leak proof joint.

This option will require a combination of tube manipulation services. For example it may need expansion to open the end of one piece of tubing. Then, tube reduction may be necessary to decrease the diameter of the other section. This combination can allow the pieces to fit together securely.

There are several advantages over coupling here. For example you don’t need to worry about choosing a suitable product to couple the tubing together. In addition, there is no extra weight to worry about. The joints may also offer benefits in terms of leak proofing.

Talk to us about tube reduction and other services

Multiform Tubes Ltd has a lot of experience with joining tubes. Our focus is on doing this without any products like couplings. Instead we use mechanical techniques to adapt the ends. We can cater for a wide array of different metals, including copper, brass, several types of steel, and titanium. In addition, we have the skills to cater for different wall thicknesses.

Clients from a huge number of industries can rely on us to offer services. We have the expertise to adapt tubes that can suit a huge array of applications. For example it could be pipelines, handrails, shop fittings, or furniture. People can even come to us with unique ideas in mind. We will help them to choose the perfect services.

So, if you want to know more about tube reduction or any other service we offer, please get in touch. You can ask us for more details, quotes, and support.