Corrosion and the types of tube failure

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The corrosion of steel tubing and other components is a process that continues to plague us. The rust is merely the result of an electrochemical reaction. The corrosion comes in various forms and it can cause a number of failure conditions. It is important to be aware of them. So, we are going to talk about a few here to give you a better idea of what you are dealing with.

Tube thread leaks

Tube drillingEach tube thread is an innate weak point because around half of the tube wall will be cut away. In many cases, a thread leak is the first indication of a corrosion issue. As a result, it will require additional investigation. If left to its own devices, a complete tube separation can happen. This can result in a serious failure. Depending on what the tube is carrying, it could be very dangerous. It is also a big waste of resources.

With a high pitting condition, there shall be failures at random parts of your threads. Water can pass through here, even if there is enough tube wall to stop bigger failures. For smaller scale leaks where water loss is surpassed by the evaporation rate, dissolved iron oxides and similar deposits gather at the threads. This suggests a corrosion issue that originates at the outer surface. However, it is actually an interior problem. If you require our specialist tube drilling services, don’t forget to get in touch with us.

Interior tube deposits

We also need to talk about interior tube deposits. They tend to spell doom for countless tubing systems. They are the less dense and lighter end product of steel tubing corrosion. When they occur because of high corrosion conditions, interior deposits cause far greater deep pitting.

The biggest corrosion loss will more likely be in dead or low flow areas. Here, rust and similar deposits can settle. It can also affect main risers and vertical lines. In some cases the height or volume of the rust deposit is completely proportionate to the volume and depth of tube wall loss.

First rate tube drilling and more

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