Creating rings of square tube

At Multiform we have built a great reputation for our ability to create bespoke tubing products. Customers come to us with all kinds of requests and we always do our best to offer the right products. We have access to a huge array of different tools and machinery. Combine this with our wealth of experience and creativity, and we can cater for almost any need. Whether you need tube ring rolling, drilling, end forming, bending or manipulation, we can handle it.

Square tubing

Tube ring rollingWhen people think about tubes they usually consider round ones like those in railings or pipe networks. However there are lots of other shapes to choose from. This means you have more choice and can choose a style of tube that fits your needs.

One of the best options is square tube. They offer a major benefit in terms of the aesthetics. This is because the weld seam can hide in one of the corners. With a little finishing people will struggle to see it. The seam on welded round tube will be slightly more visible because you can’t hide it away in a corner.


While you may not think you can, it is possible to roll a piece of square tubing to create a ring or spiral. The process is the same as working with a round piece of tube. You simply feed the tube into a rolling machine, ensuring it is set up correctly for the dimensions of your tubing.

When you come to us for square rings you can expect them to be incredibly high quality. We ensure all of our machines are set up correctly and a professional will oversee the process. This is just one of our quality controls and will protect against flaws. If you need a full ring we can ensure the ends join perfectly and weld them in place.

Lots of options for tube ring rolling

We are confident we can offer a service to suit any kind of application. It is likely we already have experience of a product similar to what you need. If not though we can offer design solutions and find the best course of action. This can even extend to selecting the right material. While we work with steel most often, we also have experience with brass, copper, aluminium and more. So if one material won’t work, we can choose a better option and still give you the exact rings you want.

Speak to us today

If you need square rings, talk to us about our tube ring rolling services. We can help you decide on the perfect products for your project. When you are completely happy we will adapt the tubing for you and arrange delivery or collection. If you need any additional services like finishing or assembly we can arrange those too.