Stainless steel is the favourite material for plumbing

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One of the types of tubing we work with is stainless steel. This is a substance that many favour but it is very popular among people who need to create plumbing systems. It offers the user a number of advantages. The following are reasons why the designers and architects behind plumbing prefer the steel.

Material advantages

To begin with, it has an incredibly low corrosion rate whilst in water. As a result you don’t need any corrosion allowance. In addition, the steel is capable of enduring extremely high flow rates. When we say high, we mean beyond 40m/s. By merging the corrosion qualities with the steel’s impressive strength, you can reduce the section diameter. You can do the same for the weight and wall thickness. The result is an easy and rapid installation. Our tube bending services make it even easier by ensuring tubes are accurate so they fit together easily.

Environmental advantages

Now that you know about some of the material benefits, let’s move onto the environmental ones. You are free to use stainless steel in any kind of water. Furthermore, it has great resistance to all of the potable waters that the European Drinking Water Directive covers. The installation of stainless steel is typically clean as well. When you do it correctly, it won’t pollute your system. Not to mention, you can also reduce flushing times. Best of all, stainless steel is recyclable.

Economic advantages

tubingUnsurprisingly, there are economic benefits here as well. The life expectancy of a stainless steel system is over 50 years. This surpasses the lives of other materials. You won’t need any extra coating for the steel either.

When you finish the installation, you won’t have to do much maintenance. This lowers the amount of time the system shall remain down. The costs for maintaining the plumbing won’t be as high too.

The initial price might exceed those of competing substances. Plastic and copper are good examples. However, the economic advantages are going to increase as time goes on. Compare it to ordinary steel and stainless also has a better residual scrap value.

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