Decreasing tooling requirements

Each of our solutions serves a particular purpose, and the tube bending services are no different. We can create a wide array of different bends, including slight or tight curves. With our help assembly is faster and simpler because the tubing will be exact. Overall, this process saves everyone a fair amount of effort, money, and time.

When manipulating a tube, the bending severity can increase. As this happens, the tooling requirements can grow too. In the majority of instances, you don’t need a wiper die or mandrel. This is if your tubing has adequate D of bend and WT.

Increasing the WT or maximising the D of bend lowers the tooling investment. Changing materials to a more ductile option does the same. For example, they may remove the need for wiper dies and mandrels. These are wear objects that demand regular replacement. In addition, an incorrect set up can harm them.

Sometimes, cautious bend planning can lower or eradicate the requirement for lubricant. Getting rid of it removes three costs. The first is for the lubricant itself. The other two are for the labour to apply it and work to remove it.

No additional features

With a bigger D of bend, you can lower the need for extra tooling features. This includes an interlock for correct containment and tooling alignment during bending. Other features include degree of bend capability, and platforms.

During tube bending services, a greater D of bend is typically more forgiving. Professionals consider a bend with a CLR equivalent to the OD an extreme one. A more manageable but still severe bend would be a 2D one. The optimal one would be a 3D. Fashioning bends for 3D needs less advanced tooling. It also needs fewer machine options and less material elongation.

At Multiform Tubes, we use only the finest equipment for our tube bending services. This ensures maximum life, strength, and durability for the products. In addition, this permits us to provide suitable tubing for each job.

If you require our aid, please contact us. We will discuss your project and the design for the tubes.