Looking after your hydraulic equipment

Situated in the West Midlands, our team provides the finest tube drilling services around. Tubing is versatile, there’s no doubt. However, a plain design can only do so much. Sometimes, you have to make alterations to suit your needs. Fortunately, this is something we specialise in, whether it is adding holes, bending, or end forming.

There are many variables to think about with tube alteration. For example, you often need to use tubes made of distinct materials. You must consider the material and how it will behave while you are working on it. This way you can decide on the safety measures.

Hydraulic tubes can be tough to work with. To help, we’ve got some general advice for bending as well as drilling this kind of tubing.


Give your bending and drilling equipment an in-depth inspection. Have a look for any defects or damages. Perform this check each time you plan to use it. If you use a roller to bend make sure you have pinned the shafts correctly. Furthermore, confirm that you seat the bending die properly. This will prevent any mishaps. For tube drilling, make sure the bit is sharp and straight.

Only use hydraulic oil

For maintenance, ensure that you use dedicated hydraulic oil. This is the only type you should be using. Don’t try using brake fluid because it won’t provide the right lubrication.

Understand your equipment

Ensure that you use your bending apparatus and drilling equipment correctly. Don’t use them for anything else because you can damage them and put the user at risk. It is unwise to mess around with the pressure control valve settings too.

At Multiform Tubes, we work with hydraulic tubing and numerous other products. We use our talents and top of the range equipment to create great products. As a result of our expert tube drilling, you can have solutions for all kinds of issues.

If you’re after something specific, please contact us. We can assist with design as well as manufacturing if you want some extra advice.