Do your tubes have the right characteristics?

We are a company that performs a multitude of tube alteration services for a host of industries. One of our most useful is tube swaging. This is a rotary procedure that we employ to modify the inside of tubes. It comes in handy whenever you want your tubing to be a different shape.

Whenever you visit a tubing supplier, you’ll discover that there are all kinds of alloys and sizes available. At this point, you will start wondering about the different applications. Additionally, you might be finding it difficult to choose between them. To help, we’re going to talk about what you need to look for.


One of the first things you must examine is the tube’s dimensions. Usually, providers show you an extensive array of choices when you shop for tubing. They all include distinct cross-sections and diameters. You may find models with non-standard compositions and thick walls as well as stock sizes.


Tube construction is something else you need to consider. Manufacturers create metal tubes using a variety of techniques. The traditional way is to flatten metal strips to a specific thinness. Afterwards, they roll them and you weld the edges together. To fabricate non-circular cross-sections, you bend or fold the flat strip prior to welding. Extrusion creates a seamless tube. The process can be quicker because it mainly consists of pressing a workpiece via a die.

At Multiform Tubes, our tube swaging makes use of an impact operation rather than cutting. This way, the integral strength remains the same. In addition, there are no material losses and tighter tolerances. It also tends to be a faster, cleaner service.

We can swage tubing to suit a wide array of different requirements. Whatever the design for your product or the application, we will achieve the highest quality possible. If you would like to know more about us, feel free to get in touch.