Brass and bronze aren’t the same

The comprehensive tube drilling solutions we provide enable us to obtain a precise hole with relative ease. For the best possible results, we also utilise clamps. This prevents your product from bending or turning while we’re working on it. With our assistance, you’ll be able to save a lot of time, money, and effort.

Due to bronze’s use in trophies and awards, it has a reputation that’s not possessed by metals belonging to the same categorisation. Brass is one material that belongs to this group. This could be problematic for anyone purchasing brass or bronze tubes for the first time. It shall be easy for them to mistake one for the other. Despite looking identical, there are differences that separate them. We have outlined some of them below.


The composition differs between the two. Bronze and brass have the same base component, which is copper. As such, they will look and feel interchangeable in certain respects. Nonetheless, their alloying elements don’t match. Bronze includes tin whereas brass has zinc. You can introduce extra constituents as well to generate alloys for particular applications. For example, you can alloy brass with iron and combine bronze with silicon.


The properties that the two materials possess are different too. The ideal way of confirming that you’re employing the correct mediums is to assess these characteristics. Brass is more ductile and malleable than bronze. This is because tin outperforms zinc when it comes to pinning the copper lattice.

At Multiform Tubes, you can use the tubes we fabricate in a considerable collection of functions. These include pipes and spiral staircases. Using their skills, our qualified and highly trained engineers can aid you in acquiring an appropriately shaped product. We offer the most reliable tube drilling, ensuring a proper finish.

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