Drilling holes with the aid of friction

At Multiform Tubes we are committed to providing the highest quality bespoke tubing to suit various requirements. To achieve this we offer a huge range of different services to suit the needs of our clients. We excel at each one and will deliver the very best standards.

Tube drilling is one service we are very familiar with. We can ensure that no bends or turns will happen during the operation, ensuring the holes are precise and clean. If you are on a tight deadline, our pre-drilled tubes are the perfect choice when an easy and fast assembly is essential to your success.

Tube drilling takes on a multitude of forms in our industry, with one such form being thermal friction. This is a way to make holes in the metal where the material is pushed out of the way, with a little help from heat. If you specialise in bike frames, you’ll be happy to know that friction drilling is frequently used to produce them.

This technique makes use of a conical bit that is made of materials possessing a high resistance to heat, like cemented carbide for example. The bit is pressed against the tube with high pressure and rotational speed. By doing it this way, there’s a considerable local production of heat that softens the tube material. The tool sinks through the object afterwards, producing a hole.

Numerous options exist when utilising this technology. Bits for example, may include a cutting device which will remove the plastified or “collar” material that flows upwards. The result of this will be an even top surface. Drilled starter holes can be used if the axial force needs reducing and to give a smooth finish in the lower edge of the bushing.

At Multiform Tubes, our tube drilling expertise is second to none, making it the ideal service for anyone looking to alter their tubing with holes. All you need to do is inform us of your requirements and our expert team will do the rest. For the very finest services, we are just the people for you.