Tube swaging allows tubing to be adapted with great precision

Tube swaging is a process commonly used in the finishing stages of creating tubing. It allows the shape of the inner diameter to be adapted in several ways without altering the exterior. Additionally it can be utilised to adapt the diameter. In both cases it is highly effective and will accomplish the job much faster than any other method.

The great thing about swaging is it can be done solely on the ends of the tubing or along the whole length depending on the requirements of the design. In some cases only a small section at the ends needs to be adapted to allow tubes to be fixed in place. This can be achieved with ease and fantastic accuracy.

If required the swaging can be done for the whole length of the tube. This is a little more challenging but with the rotary equipment it is a case of feeding the die down the tubing, allowing it to hammer each section into place. It takes precision and care to make sure there are no flaws but the finished product can satisfy the specifications.

Regardless of the requirements swaging should always be done to the very tightest tolerances to retain the quality and precision. A problem with the tolerance can result in inaccurate measurements and leave the tubing unsuitable for use. It is important to ensure equipment is set-up properly.

At Multiform Tubes we have a lot of experience with tube swaging, offering a comprehensive service to suit the needs of our clients. We consistently deliver high quality finished products, ensuring they are accurate and precise. The care we put in means we can adapt the inner diameter of the tubing in many ways without effecting the finish or grain of the exterior.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss your tubing needs we are just a call away. When clients come to us with their ideas we provide recommendations based on our extensive knowledge. As a result we can guide you in creating the products that will suit your needs.