Efficient manufacturing with low waste

When carrying out tube manipulation, whether it is expansion, reduction, bending or ring rolling, it is important to minimise the level of waste. This provides many rewards for the business, ensuring materials are used efficiently and creating healthier margins. The practice is also good for the environment because it means fewer raw materials are left over and potentially being wasted.

Whenever tubing is manipulated, it is important to ensure that the material to adjust the diameter is provided by reducing the wall thickness. This is the most efficient option and means no extra material needs to be added. It can make manufacturing more challenging because the amount of reduction needs to be calculated to ensure that the finished wall thickness is the relevant size. Failure to do this means you will be left with a tube that has thinner walls than required.

Ring rolling is one of the trickiest ways to manipulate a length of tube. The shape of the product and the wall thickness need to be constant for the whole piece. This means the manipulation needs to be handled with care and it should only be done by experienced professionals.

Ring rolling is typically accomplished by feeding the tube through a series of rollers. The tube is literally coiled around a central roller, using others to hold it in place and maintain the feed. The technique is effective and doesn’t utilise heat so the characteristics of the steel are maintained. The rollers need to be set up properly for each project to account for the dimensions of the tube and the specifications of the finished product.

At Multiform Tubes we are proud to offer ring rolling amongst our extensive range of tube manipulation services. We are accomplished at manufacturing and have a reputation for delivering the highest quality products. Our clients come from a range of industries and choose to work with us for our professionalism and huge amount of knowledge. We work hard to keep waste as low as possible by making the best use of our resources. If you have any questions please contact us.