ERW or seamless tubing?

Steel tubes are strong and versatile, making them useful for a wide range of different applications. They can be manufactured in two different styles, either rolled and welded (ERW) or seamless. Seamed tubes can be made with thicker walls but seamless are known to have more strength because the material creates a complete cylinder without a joint.

ERW tubing is the cheapest to manufacture and can be produced much faster. Machines are used to do all of the tube rolling to ensure that the finished products are accurately sized and perfectly round. It is slightly more challenging to manufacture seamless tubes and care needs to be taken to ensure they are the right size. The additional complexity and manufacturing time is reflected in the price.

Seamless tubing is most commonly used for structural purposes when strength is important. The fact tubing is a continuous ring means they can be put under higher pressures without risking them coming apart. They are most commonly used to transport hazardous liquids because the lack of a join means there is no risk of leaks. On top of this they are also utilised to create frames for bikes and other vehicles.

ERW tubes have the edges welded together to create the cylindrical shape. They can be made in a larger array of sizes and diameters but are usually employed in situations where they won’t be put under stresses that could cause them to break. They are commonly used for electrical conduits and plumbing.

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