Copper is perfect for many purposes

Copper is one of the oldest known metals used by humanity. Dating back to roughly 9000 BC, copper has been an incredibly vital part of human life for thousands of years. From currency to weaponry, copper has found itself being used for a huge number of uses. It was even mixed with tin to form the alloy known as bronze which played a hugely important role during human development. Extensively mined and used even to this day, this valuable metal forms the core of many important machinery and systems used in our daily lives.

Copper tubes are incredibly versatile, being used for a number of different purposes. They’re commonly used in water and heating systems and marine systems, as copper is resistant to bacteria and corrosion and has good thermal conductivity. Essentially, the inherent qualities of the material allow it to fulfil its task with ease and with minimal maintenance, repair or replacement required.

We can offer copper tubes manipulated to your specifications, using a variety of techniques such as tube drilling, expansion, reduction and swaging, to name just a few of the services we offer. Our versatile techniques and use of innovative technology ensure that we can craft a tube to your exact requirements, no matter what they are. We understand the importance of this metal, and we understand how extensively it needs to be used, which is why you can be assured that we will create copper tubing to your exact standards.

Many industries across the world have come to depend on copper thanks to its inherent properties, as well as its widespread availability and ability to be recycled. This is why our team will provide you with the services for manipulating tubes that you require, creating the tubes for use in your products that aren’t just generic, but ones tailored to you and your business. Whatever your requirements are for copper tubing, from tube drilling to bending, please do not hesitate to get in contact with us.