Every grade of titanium has its positives

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Titanium is one of the metals we work with very often. It is one that people rely on for corrosion resistance, low density, and strength. Due to its positive nature, the metal is the first choice for many industries. These characteristics can make the material, as well as its alloys, a more appropriate choice than nickel and steel alloys. This depends on the application.

Grade 1

As with other metals, titanium comes in many grades. We will start at the beginning with grade 1. This is a commercially pure variation. Another name for it would be titanium CP4.

Of all the grades, it is the softest, and has the greatest ductility. The cold forming attributes are decent as well. Grade 1 has a high impact toughness as well as brilliant welding properties. For the uses, examples include dimensional stable anodes, chlorate manufacturing, and desalination.

Grade 2

This is another commercially pure metal and some people know it as titanium CP3. It has wonderful cold forming properties and strength. Furthermore, there is a high resistance to corrosion and oxidation, and great welding properties. It has its fair share of uses too. Notable examples include marine, medical, desalination, and chemical processing.

Grade 3

Here we have one more pure metal that is also called titanium CP2. It is less formable and stronger than the two grades that precede it. People use it often in industrial and aerospace applications that demand moderate strength. Other uses would be power generation, medical, marine, and automotive.

Grade 4

As another commercially pure metal, it is actually stronger than the other pure grades. You can cold form it but it has lower ductility. In various environments, it has excellent corrosion resistance. Medical, industrial, chemical processing, and aerospace make up the primary applications.

Grade 5

This is the most common alloy of titanium. Its alternate name is Ti 6AI-4V. To enhance its strength, you can heat treat the alloy. You have the option of using it in welded construction. It is possible to do this at service temperatures of up to 315.56ºC/600ºF. The applications are medical, aerospace, and marine, as well as chemical processing and more.

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