Think about what tools are best for the job

Tube swagingOur speciality at Multiform Tubes Ltd is primarily the manipulation of tubes. We don’t just work on them in one or two ways however. We use a plethora of techniques to achieve the right results. Among them, we have experience with tube swaging. Thanks to this, we can help create products like heating and furniture components, as well as transportation fittings and more.

In order to be successful with any tube manipulation project, you must pick the right equipment. This is not the only important step however. One other factor is considering the variety of tooling you are going to need. This will be based on the materials you will be using as well as the results you want to achieve. You will want to consider a host of basic tooling considerations here.

The mandrel

This is one such consideration. A mandrel’s softness or hardness is critical. It should depend on the state of the tubing you are working on. You could be working with a harder metal. If so, a soft mandrel is preferable. For a soft material, it is the opposite. This shall stop the mandrel from sticking to the tube’s interior. If that happens, it can influence the manipulation process negatively. If you need first rate tube swaging services, make sure you contact our team.

Bending and clamping dies

You will have to consider the bend and clamping dies as well. With the bend die, the radius needs to take the softness or hardness of the material into account. This is necessary to adjust for radial growths. For instance, say you are bending a harder substance. A bend die possessing a more compact radius may be necessary.

As for the clamping die, its length should preferably be three times that of the tube’s diameter. However, there may be situations where the clamp is too short. If so, it shall place an excess level of pressure on a small part of the tube. The result may be a deformity.

Wiper die

This is vital too. A wiper die’s position plays a significant part in the bend results. You should place it at a slight angle. As for its contact point, it needs to remain very sharp at all times. Since this is the case, it is always handy to have a spare, sharp wiper die if you need it. You should have it properly lubricated at the point of contact. This will prevent premature wearing.

Getting the tube swaging you need

At Multiform Tubes Ltd, the services we offer are suitable for working with a plethora of materials. These include steel, titanium, and brass, as well as several more. We have our team members take time to talk with clients about their needs too. This is so we can guarantee that you get exactly what you came for.

Whenever someone is in need of tubing services, we are the ones to turn to. Contact us today if you want to learn about our tube swaging or another of our services.