Expanding and reducing metal tubes

We pride ourselves on having the knowledge and the expertise necessary to carry out all tube expansion and reduction tasks to the highest possible quality for all of our clients. As specialists in tube manipulation, with highly trained staff and the latest equipment, you can be assured that you will receive the most accurate and outstanding results from us.

Tube reduction and expansion are used to increase or reduce the diameter of the tube end, usually so that it can fit together tightly and securely with other tubes. Tube reduction is accomplished using rotary reducing machines or hydraulic end formers. Hydraulic end forming uses a static forming die and clamps for forming tubes of up to 5.5″, a lot greater than rotary reducing machines. Rotary reducing machines, however, can layer tubes of differing materials and retains the integrity of the grain structure to ensure that the tube remains as strong as possible.

Tube expansion is accomplished through ram forming or a hydraulic-operated expanding die. Ram forming simply involves a tapered, dedicated die forced into the tube before being retracted, leaving an expanded end. Hydraulic die expansion is used for most expansion jobs as it allows for better control over the size and caters to most sizes, involving a segmented die opening and expanding the tube as little or as much as the customer wants.

Both methods are done under the careful guidance of our highly trained staff who have years of experience in completing tube manipulation tasks. We serve all sectors of the manufacturing industry and can manipulate tubes made out of materials including aluminium, brass, copper, titanium and much more.