Delivering high specification tubular products

Tube bending enables the easy construction of an extensive selection of products. As a recognised supplier of tubular products we are able to deliver a wide range of solutions to a diverse range of industries. We can manufacture tubes in many materials including brass, copper and steel. Our machinery and equipment is state of the art and is able to meet precise specifications. As a dedicated company we offer an unlimited service that is structured to deliver complete customer care. The key to delivering an unrivalled service is being able to offer vast choice. We are ably equipped to produce high calibre tubular products in over 200 shapes and sizes and we take on any task our clients present us with.

Precision is a crucial factor of tube manipulation. Our materials and equipment offer accurate results regardless of the nature of the task. We have made sure our service is flexible in order to meet the varied needs of our customers. Our extensive list of services includes tube expansion, swaging, reduction, bending and tube ring rolling to name a few. Ring rolling is a complex process, and like every manipulation method must be carried out by experienced professionals. We set high standards for ourselves and we adhere to them at all times. We comply with health and safety regulations to produce first class results.

Ring rolling can be done either as a cold process, or as a hot process involving the temperature of metal rising above its recrystallisation temperature for the purpose of manipulation. Even the strongest of tubes can be successfully manipulated by ring rolling, and each component will be left with perfect curves and a flawless finish. Ring rolling produces tubular products for a wide range of industries. The flexibility of the method means that individual demands can easily be met. From heating components and automotive equipment to furniture and spiral staircase structures, we can deliver every kind of tube.

We are pleased to be recognised as a reputable supplier of reliable services. We consistently deliver quality products at outstanding prices. We will successfully meet your budget and schedule and you can depend on us to deliver satisfaction. Contact us for advice and assistance with every aspect of tube manipulation and tube ring rolling.