Expanding tubes to the required size

Tube expansion is the technique implemented to increase the diameter of tubes. It is just one of the many manipulation services we offer, and allows for the use of tubular products in a variety of industries. When we expand tubes, there are two different methods to consider. Specialised manufacturing tools are required for the successful shaping of materials in tube manipulation and for ram forming expansion we use a die. The process incorporates insertion of the die into the tube with a significant amount of force behind it. Upon retraction of the tube, the end is successfully expanded.

The other method we use offers increased flexibility regarding diameter size. The hydraulic operated expanding die features segments that have the capability to expand to several lengths and diameters. The major advantage of this die is that you can expand the segments to your desired point and create accurate results. Tube expansion opens up a world of opportunity to many sectors, as it can be applied to most materials. As with all tube manipulation, the beauty of the process is the transformation of the material without cutting. Expansion and other methods create the tubular products you need without any loss or addition of materials.

There are many industries that benefit from our tube manipulation and tube expansion services. We regularly provide products for safety applications such as barriers and railings, gearsticks and other components for motor vehicles, furniture parts and many more. Our reputation has grown as a result of our determination to always deliver the products our clients really need.

Our machinery and equipment reflects the latest developments in tube expansion and manipulation and our years of experience mean that we have received every possible request, faced every conceivable challenge and successfully delivered a solution every time. We have been serving the commercial and domestic sectors with dependable services for many years. Our products are available in copper, steel, aluminium and titanium to name a few, and the precision of our results is assured. We are ready to assist you with all your tube manipulation requirements and we will provide nothing less than an honest and cost-effective service.