Fabricating strong, high quality products

We are widely recognised for our capabilities of delivering a whole host of products. Our services and prices reflect our determination to consistently deliver cost effective manipulation products. From tube bending, beading and expansion to ring rolling, tube swaging and drilling we are the one stop solution for all your needs.

Included in our extensive service list is welded fabrication. We have always prided ourselves on our abilities to deliver a bespoke service to each one of our clients. Our fabrication service allows us to produce a whole host of structural components to suit many requirements. Our welding process involves the joining of two metal pieces in order to create a singular item. The method incorporates the use of excessive heat and, in some instances, pressure. In some cases we will introduce a third metal to the process in order to create a welding pool. This results in increased overall structural strength.

Welding is classed as a hot work process and does possess inherent dangers. We assure our clients that we take health and safety very seriously, as it is the key to producing the finest results. Protective gear and the very latest equipment ensure your products are produced swiftly and to the highest standards possible. Our process enables the delivery of a large selection of components and tubular products that meet the specifications of each client. Whatever your project may be, we will take your specifications on board and produce the precise products you need to make each project viable.

We are an experienced team that have honed our skills and developed our knowledge over many years at the forefront of the industry. We regularly provide many different tubular products to many areas of the manufacturing industry including heating, medical and construction. We offer our tubes in over 200 shapes and sizes and a range of materials such as copper, aluminium, brass, food grade stainless steel and hydraulic tube. For the finest tube bending, tube swaging and manipulation services in the West Midlands, contact us today and discover how we can help you.