Expanding tubes to suit your needs

Tube expansion takes care and attention to detail if you want to get it right and be left with accurately finished products. Companies that produce tubing in this manner need the experience, equipment and employees to do the work with precision. There are various pitfalls to avoid to ensure your resulting tubes are of the very best quality. Taking into account the needs of the customer and the materials you are working with is very important.

We are experts at manipulating tubing, whether it is expansion, reduction or a combination of the two for a unique application. We can meet the needs of our clients accurately and deliver products to meet any requirement, including working with several types of materials and various dimensions. Bulk orders are always welcome but we also specialise in prototyping.

We can provide tube expansion services to meet several different requirements, from offering an easy way to connect tubing together to a decorative finish for a product. Tube ends can be increased in almost any degree, so you can choose a gentle gradient or a larger one depending on your wishes. We take the time on every piece to ensure that expanding the tube doesn’t compromise the strength and integrity of the material.

We place great stock in innovation and finding the right way of producing great products. You can rely on us to help you with the design if you need it, including examining feasibility before we manufacture anything to make sure your ideas are realistic. We treat every request as an opportunity to expand our knowledge and skills so every time you work with us it is mutually beneficial. With us you have help all along the way and we will save designs so they can easily be used for additional products if required, reducing the production times a great deal.

Whatever your request, whether it is for industrial grade tubing or something smaller, you can rely on us to provide the tube expansion you need. Our reputation precedes us and we have many loyal customers that rely on us for their products.