Titanium and tubing

Of all the materials tubes can be constructed from, titanium is one of the toughest. This metal has a number of inherent properties which make it perfect for use in tubing, especially in heavy duty and industrial applications. It is a popular material across many industries and sectors. We can complete a wide variety of various different services utilising titanium and titanium tubes, including tube ring rolling, bending, manipulation and much more.

Above all, titanium is renowned for its strength combined with its lightness. It offers the same strength as steel, but with a much lower density. The light weight of titanium means that it finds extensive use across a variety of sectors, particularly the aerospace industry. It is also highly resistant to heat, which makes it especially useful in heavy machinery where it would be subject to constant high temperatures. Titanium also has excellent resistance to corrosion and can be passivated for increased chemical resistance, making it especially sought after for use in transporting liquids and chemicals in heavy industry.

In order for businesses to make the most of titanium, we offer a whole host of tube manipulation services, allowing businesses to get the most out of this strong and versatile metal. Our services include tube ring rolling, where rings can be rolled from the tubes to create coils and rings which are perfect for use in heating applications. Tube expansion or tube reduction allows us to carefully modify the ends of a tube, allowing us to create tubes that fit perfectly with each other. Tube drilling allows us to drill precise holes into tubes for easier installation and tube swaging allows us to modify the actual interior of the tube into custom sizes and shapes. These are just some of the many services that we offer.

Having been in business for several years, you can be assured that we know all about tube ring rolling and tube manipulation, and do so using only the best machinery that is available to us. All of our engineers are highly trained and experienced. We understand how valuable titanium is in industry, and how important it is to utilise titanium tubes in certain industries, which is why you can be assured of the quality and reliability of our services.