Expanding tubes without weakening the material

Manipulating tubes to ensure they are the right size can be done using several different techniques. One of these is tube swaging, a process specifically designed for smaller pieces when multi-piece assembly is not appropriate. The process is a cold forming operation and can be used to reduce the internal and external diameter of the tubing. It takes care and skill to carry out tube swaging accurately, but the lack of heat means there is less risk that the structural integrity of the material will be harmed.

Swaging is commonly used to create products for use in the medical, aerospace and industrial sectors. The tubing that is produced can be decorative, functional or a combination of the two depending on the needs of the consumer. When producing products from precious metals or other costly materials the process is preferred because none of the material is lost when it is worked; tube swaging either sees the material extruded by forcing it through a die or hammered into shape.

As with other tubing manufacturing processes, accuracy is important with swaging because the tubes are manipulated with force. Machinery needs to be correctly set up to ensure the right dimensions are met. It is also important to check the raw material before you start to ensure there won’t be any issues when you start to manipulate it. The last thing you want is to pay the set-up costs for equipment and start work only to find flaws in the tubing you are working with.

We have extensive experience at manipulating tubing and producing quality finished products. We excel at tube swaging, holding the necessary skills to work with a wide selection of metals. We can reduce tubes of almost all standard and non-standard thicknesses. With each individual length of tube we take the utmost care to ensure precision.

By working with us you get several guarantees and can even find expert advice to help you with your designs. The additional services we offer mean we can deliver finished products that are ready to be assembled or installed as required.