Specialising in welded fabrication

We commit ourselves to the consistent delivery of bespoke services to suit the specific needs of every client.  Alongside our tube drilling, bending and manipulation, our fabrication services allow us to produce a varied range of structural components to many different areas of industry. The process we use involves joining two metal pieces by welding to create a single item. The process can be dangerous, and naturally requires the skills of highly experienced and capable engineers. Our methods and employees represent the highest of standards and every aspect of our work is approached with professionalism.

The welding process requires extreme heat and pressure. Depending on the individual requirements of the task. it may be necessary to add a third metal to create a welding pool. The aim of this is to add strength to the whole component. Welded fabrication can only be successful when the appropriate equipment and methods are used. We always remain ahead of the curve by constantly researching new technologies and we invest in top of the line equipment that guarantees outstanding results.

Any method that falls into the category of hot work process carries a risk, but the key to achieving the finest results is adhering to health and safety regulations at all times.  We are an experienced organisation, and our engineers have spent years learning how to safely and proficiently manage machinery. Their skills and services guarantee smooth finishes and customer satisfaction.

Our efficient process allows us to deliver vast amounts of components at any time, and we assure our clients that the tubular products we manufacture will be delivered on schedule and fulfil every functional need. We have the capabilities and facilities to produce the precise products you need and we will always strive to satisfy the project requirements of our clients.

Along with our welded fabrication we offer many forms of tube manipulation including tube drilling, bending, beading, ring rolling, and much more. We manufacture our tubes in a vast range of shapes and sizes, which means we can manufacture any tubular project you need or replicate any existing component. We keep our prices affordable in order to deliver the best service to our client base.