First class tubes for industrial use

As one of the UK’s largest and most diversified suppliers of tube bending services, we’re recognised for our outstanding versatility, our high quality products and our affordability. We strive for excellence with every project, whether we’re working on a one-off task or delivering a steady supply of tubular components to a regular customer. We do not only supply products; we also manufacture them, with no middle man involved, which help us to keep the quality consistently high.

Whether you would like steel, aluminium, copper or brass tubes, we are able to provide a host of solutions for individual applications. Each tube is available in various sizes and can be manipulated in any way you need. Our products and services are used in a variety of industries, which shows the sheer versatility of our service. Through the years we’ve gained a wealth of knowledge and are now able to offer services such as tube reduction, expansion, ring rolling, bending, and many more.

If you have worked with tube manipulation suppliers before, you’ll understand how important it is to partner with a company that is reputable and reliable. Because we are proficient in all aspects of bending and manipulation, we can provide a variety of strengths and finishes for each specification and stay within strict time guides to ensure that our customers are given the components they need, exactly when they need them. We’ve spent many years developing and honing our skills and techniques to make sure that they’re first class.

Tube manipulation and reduction requires an expert hand and quality equipment to achieve desirable results, and we are proud to offer such a dedicated service. When it comes to tube bending services, we are your first choice. Please get in touch to discuss the exact products you need and we will work with you to deliver bespoke components which are specifically manipulated to meet your requirements. You will never again have to rely on generic tubes in your company operations.