Meeting every manipulation requirement

Tube manipulation enables the adjustment of tubular products without taking away any of the material. It is a cost-effective process, and we are a trusted industry name renowned for our skill in accurate, swift tube bending and manipulation. We believe in satisfying the individual requests of our customers and we consistently provide the right products at the right price.

Our extensive collection of tubular products is available in many shapes and sizes. Our products are manufactured in a wide range of materials including mild stainless steel, aluminium, brass, copper and titanium. Regardless of your requirements, we can successfully meet every need. Tubes are utilised globally in all manner of applications, and we provide the solutions to a diverse and lengthy list of industries. If you require tube manipulation services, it is important to select a professional company that has the facilities and skills to produce high calibre products with a smooth and flawless finish. This is just what we can offer you.

As we use a varied range of materials, we are able to offer our clients vast choice. We can provide several strengths and finishes that precisely match the specifications of our customers. We can produce our products in many shapes, such as square, round and oval, ensuring that you can obtain tubes which are perfectly suited for your particular purpose.

We provide tube bending, beading, forming, swaging, ring rolling, tapering, welded fabrication and more. We also offer tube drilling to place holes at the required spots along the length of a tube. This has traditionally been one of the most challenging types of tube manipulation as tubes are at risk of getting squashed or moving during the drilling process, but with our skill and state of the art equipment we can drill the tubes perfectly accurately with no risk of slippage or the tube getting bent out of shape. Contact us today for help and information and see how we can easily meet all your tube manipulation needs.