Food grade stainless steel tubes

Tubes form the backbone of most machinery used in the food manufacturing and preparation industry. It is because of this that specialist stainless steel, specifically that which is designated as ‘food grade’, is so widely needed. With our extensive experience in all aspects of tube manipulation, from drilling to ring rolling to tube expansion, we provide businesses in the food industry the tubes they need.

Whether the tubes are used to form, flatten or otherwise shape food, or whether they are used in the process of cooling or heating, steel used for the food industry needs to be of specific standards. These standards include 316, 340 and quite a few others. While the ‘food grade’ of these stainless steel subtypes aren’t covered by official classification, they are widely regarded for their safety in handling foodstuffs and beverages. Of note is that there are also no specific regulations for stainless steel in the food industry covered by either EU or UK regulations. The main reason as to why these are considered food grade is because of their superior resistance to corrosion.

Each grade is used for different purposes. 316 is used for areas subject to regular cleaning which handle corrosive foods such as meat and salty foods. 304 is used for pipe work and machinery parts, offering superior corrosion resistance to 430 grade which is used for similar purposes, as well as for equipment cladding and table surfaces. 1.4539 and 1.4462 are used for corrosive foods such as slow moving salty foods and brine, with 1.4462 offering a greater resistance to corrosion and stress corrosion in particular. 6Mo Alloy is used in machinery such as hot water boilers and steam heating for its good resistance to heat and corrosion.

We work with food grade stainless steel in our tubes, offering a variety of tube manipulation services. We offer tube ring rolling, which is perfect for forming shapes in tubes that are specifically suited for forming the heating components of machinery such as ovens. We provide tube expansion and reduction so that different tubes can fit together tightly, ideal for transporting hot foods or acting as heating components in boilers and ovens. We can drill holes into tubes for use in machinery. Tubes have to be welded in a way that does not compromise their integrity. Welding needs to be completed so that the food grade rating of the tube is not compromised. You can be assured that this is a job that we can accomplish, ensuring that your food grade stainless steel tube is welded without compromising efficiency or safety.

We have worked with a wide variety of customers, ensuring that they receive the tubes that they need. Everything from end forming to tube expansion to drilling is covered by our team and you can be assured that we will supply you with what is required.