Providing professional tube reduction services for all

We have become a recognised and trusted name that successfully serves all sectors of the manufacturing industry. We regularly support our valued clients with our specialist services in tube bending, tube reduction and manipulation. We utilise the finest manipulation machinery available and along with our extensive experience and knowledge we are guaranteed to deliver the finest service possible. We make sure every customer receives the highest quality products that meet their every need.

We produce a host of tubes that suitably serve a wide range of sectors. From the medical field to furniture, fabrication, heating and the automotive industry we can deliver the right product for you. We produce a range of versatile products for domestic and industrial use and they can be manufactured from a whole host of materials including Brass, Aluminium, Copper and Titanium as well as Mild, Food Grade and Stainless Steel. We believe in offering a vast amount of choice and our tubes come in over 200 sizes and several shapes.

One of the many superb services we offer is tube ring rolling. It involves the bending of tubes into circular tubes with the use of the manipulation process. Tube ring rolling is classified in accordance with the temperature of the metal that is being rolled. Hot rolling describes the process when the metal is above its recrystallization temperature and cold rolling denotes the metal below its recrystallization temperature. Even the strongest of tubes can be manipulated by ring rolling, and the results are perfect curves with absolutely no flattening of the tube. Ring rolling produces a range of products that offer much versatility as the components can be utilised in many areas.

Our list of tube manipulation services successfully meets all industry and domestic requirements and it includes tube reduction, beading, expansion, drilling, fabrication and many more. Every service we offer is of the highest quality and we consistently produce a selection of tubes for the construction of chair frames, shop fittings, barriers, railings, automotive parts and a whole host more.

We make it our aim to offer affordable prices with no compromise on the quality of our customer service and products. We have been acquiring knowledge, skills, and invaluable insight and experience since we formed our company. We will swiftly respond to all enquiries and take every step to deliver the suitable product for every circumstance.