Gold, yellow, and red brass alloys

We are experts at supplying specialist tubing services. They are useful for a variety of industries, from mechanical to heating. They include tube swaging, where we create circular concentric reductions or regular forms. These include squares, octagonal, and hexagonal. The end result of our work is making the inner tube a different size or shape while keeping the outside the same.

Multiple types of brass

Tube swagingOur team deals with brass tubing in a lot of the work that we do. What you might not know is that there are multiple forms of the metal. When you look to purchase something like a new instrument or plumbing parts, you will probably see that they have descriptions that can include terms like red or gold brass. The question here is what differences these alloys actually make. If you want more details on this topic, we have a guide below.

People use brass for creating many products since it is a malleable metal with outstanding characteristics. It is mainly copper and zinc. The proportions in which you use these influences the alloy you have. There may also be other additions in some of the alloys.

Yellow brass

Generally, there are three primary kinds of brass alloy utilised in manufacturing musical instruments. The first is yellow. This is the industry standard. If instrument specs don’t specify, you can assume it is this kind. It is an incredibly resonant alloy capable of generating a tone that is direct as well as bright. Let us know if you require tube swaging services for any kind of brass tubing.

Gold brass

As the name states, this metal comes with a slightly darker shade. That is because of the alloy’s higher copper content. What it does is provide the instrument with a fuller, broader tone, while keeping a decent level of projection.

Red or rose brass

This alloy comes with the largest copper content. It provides a mellower and warmer tone but is not capable of projecting as much as those alloys with more zinc. The reason why is that it is a softer metal. Normally, people use it for the leadpipe of instruments to stop red rot. This is a form of corrosion that occurs because of saliva and acidic dirt building up in the tubing.

We work with several materials to offer expert tube swaging

At Multiform Tubes Engineering Ltd, we work with a myriad of tubing materials in addition to brass. They include titanium, aluminium, and hydraulic steel, and more. Being experts in tube manipulation, we can produce products that can meet all your specifications.

You will find that tube swaging is a useful technique in all sorts of industries. So, if you would like to know more about our work, feel free to contact us.