Choosing the right materials for your tube and valve systems

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A functioning system requires the right materials

When you plan tube and valve systems, you need to think about what materials to use. What you need to consider is things like the physical characteristics, the risk of contaminants, repairs, and more. Below we will give a little bit of information about some of the metals you may want to use and why. Keep in mind that the choice will have a big impact on system performance.

Stainless steel

Tube drillingOne material option you have for your tubes would be to use stainless steel. These alloys may appear smooth, but they can have a slightly rough surface unless you choose the right kind of finishing. It is also wise to keep in mind they can cost you quite a bit of money if you compare to other substances.

People typically use stainless steel tubes in locations that are vulnerable to corrosion. This includes coastal areas. They are excellent here and can outperform other steels that would corrode and fail. Stainless steel tubes are also accessible in rigid and flexible forms. You will need specific couplings to connect them to other tubes.


These tubes are typically long in length and strong. As a result, they are probably the most common choice for plumbing applications. They have outstanding resistance to corrosion. In addition, they have the ideal content for cold and hot water usage, making them easy to handle.

Something to remember about copper tubing though is that it often has to be soldered together or require a joint. This might require additional fittings and increase the cost of using the tubing.

Galvanised materials

Finally, we will talk about galvanised tubes. A few years ago they became the norm for housing. However, it is important to think about the longevity. The galvanisation can give the substrate a protective coating and higher corrosion resistance. However, in time this layer can wear away. Therefore, it is usually wise to only use these tubes for non-potable or green water.

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