How far can you bend a metal tube?

As the leading provider of tube bending services in the UK, we are often asked questions about our service. Many clients enquire about the maximum possible bend that is possible to achieve in tubes or pipes made from a specific material. In our experience, there are too many variables to consider to be able to give a generic answer to this question.

While it is true that the various forms of metal have distinctly different tolerances for bending, it would be incorrect to assume that this means all tubes of the same kind of metal can be bent to the same extent. For a start, the thickness of the material generally tends to dictate the extent to which it can be bent or manipulated as much as the inherent properties of the actual metal. It is important to bear this in mind when planning a project which will have a requirement for tube bending. The thickness of the tube will be highly significant in determining the inner radius left when the required bend is in place, and dictate the relative strength tolerance levels of the bent tube.

Another important factor to consider is the quality of the metal itself. Steel, brass, aluminium or any other form of metal is not always made the same or to an equal level. There are several different grades of quality attributed to metal, and understanding the differences between them enables you to determine which one can be used for the tubes you require. A good example of this at the moment is steel. It’s widely known that steel prices are currently at the lowest they have been for quite some time.

If you are wondering about the limits of tube expansion, reduction and bending, it is always going to be best to discuss your specific needs and requirements with us. Whether you need to use a certain metal for very specific reasons or you have the flexibility to explore different options, we’ll happily use all of our knowledge and experience to ensure you get the information and tube bending services you require.