Producing tubes with the ring rolling process

Tube manipulation and bending allows for the simple and efficient manufacturing of a wide range of components. There are many areas of industry that demand quality tubes, and over the years we have become known as a reliable supplier to a nationwide customer base. We are a professional team with the resources to meet every requirement of our customers, and always deliver the right products at the right prices.

One of the most crucial factors in the manipulation process is precision. Whatever the nature of the task may be, it is important to produce accurate results. We use high quality materials that create the high specification tubular components our customers have come to rely on.

Flexibility is key for successful manipulation methods. Our facilities, equipment and knowledgeable team of engineers can perform an extensive list of manipulation processes including tube swaging, expansion, reduction and ring rolling, to name just a few of the services we offer.

The complex process of ring rolling requires meticulous attention to detail to be sure of the finest results. It involves raising and lowering the temperature of metal for the manipulation process and is suitable for even the strongest tubes. Additionally, ring rolling produces smooth and flawless edges and the precise results our customers require.

Our equipment offers maximum performance and results that match all specifications. We have made sure that our product range offers vast choice to our customers. We manufacture tubes for use in a whole host of sectors such as heating, furnishing and automotive as well as supply parts for interior structures such as spiral staircases. The flexibility offered by the method means that the most unique design demands can be met with ease.

Our reliable service means that our customers are never left waiting for long periods. We can undertake any order, regardless of volume and we strive to deliver quickly and ensure deadlines are completed without delay. We will make sure your budget is met and that your expectations are exceeded every time.