How good are brass tube fittings?

We have been specialists in providing tubes and services for a long time. Using our knowledge and expertise, we can adapt tubing for many sectors, including medical, construction, fabrication, and automotive to name a few. This is possible thanks to techniques like tube reduction. Similar to tapering, we use it to reduce the tube’s diameter towards the end.

Understanding tubing fittings

Tube reductionIt is important to know about the tubes you are using. In addition, you should know about the finer details of any fitting you want to use with them. They must be able to meet your demands but you also need to ensure they won’t damage the tubing.

Brass tube fittings are a good example. Some people wonder if they are worth the extra cost for waterworks installations. After all, the market does have other options. In fixtures and fittings from houses to huge industrial complexes, the zinc copper alloy has seen use for centuries. Due to its effectiveness, you can supply your system with strong, secure components. Read on if you would like to know some of the advantages of the tube fittings in more detail.


Firstly, there is the versatility. Since we use brass for all kinds of jobs, you can acquire fittings in numerous sizes, shapes, and widths. In addition, there are products that permit you to adjust your tube’s size. Brass also gets finished in a myriad of distinct ways. This is excellent if you need to expose your fittings.

High durability

Brass is a metal that has proven itself to be extremely robust thanks to its various other working characteristics. Tube fittings made of it are perfect when your system must offer a long service life. They can stay in top condition for years without disintegrating or cracking. What’s more, they supply the highest level of output in the hot water supply lines. If you require our tube reduction services, please get in touch.

Heat resistance

Something else these fittings have is a decent tolerance at higher temperatures. Brass is the most suitable substance for hot water distribution networks. That is because the temperature conductivity is outstanding, enhancing the performance. Brass is incredibly ductile even at high temperatures. It can do a better job in these conditions than other metals.


Lastly, these fittings are very malleable. Brass provides fantastic malleability with parts that need shaping or bending. Thus, it is easier to modify than iron or steel. Plus, it moulds better than many other materials. The substance is also capable of preserving a serious reliability and toughness, despite it being easy to work.

Choose us when you need tube reduction and more

At Multiform Tubes Engineering Ltd we can use a full range of techniques to supply clients with unique forms of tubing. We are able to work with an array of materials, such as stainless steel, brass, titanium, aluminium, copper, hydraulic tubes, and more. Not to mention, we can deal with oval, square, and round shapes.

So, if there is anything we can do for you, please get in touch. Our tube reduction is reliable and can achieve tight tolerances to suit many applications.